When talking to local property investors and owners we have regularly been told that their managing agents:

  • Don’t communicate well enough, often enough
  • Treat property management as secondary
  • Charge unreasonable fees
  • Have a revolving door of property managers

Property management for us is not an afterthought, incidental to a sales team. 

Our systems are state of the art. We utilise leading real estate websites to showcase our rental properties. We are supported by a leading online property management software system which enables owners and tenants to access important information about their property at any time.

At Lennox Property Agents we take great care in selecting suitable tenants through detailed reference checks and we subscribe to TICA – Australia’s largest tenancy database. We build positive relationships with our tenants to ensure any emerging issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

As your property manager we :

  • Accurately appraise your rental property to reduce vacancy periods, high tenancy turnovers and lost rental incomes
  • Understand the importance of timely rental payments and promptly negotiate tenancy renewals to reduce vacancy periods
  • Regularly review the rent to ensure that your property is in line with the current market expectations
  • Undertake regular inspections of our properties and provide owners with written reports
  • Focus on preventative maintenance to reduce extensive and costly repairs
  • Maintain regular communication with owners and tenants to ensure potential issues are quickly resolved
  • Keep up to date with relevant legislation to ensure compliance and maximise returns
  • Undertake thorough assessments of prospective tenants including the use of TICA (a national tenancy database), references from previous landlords/agents and employers